All About LED Strips 4 – The Eternal Debate – SMD3528 Vs SMD5050


SMD 3528 vs SMD 5050, the ones are the 2 varieties of chips so much utilized in strips in this day and age, and it is very important to differentiate which one is utilized in each and every case as a result of so they can have an effect on at the worth however in fact additionally at the efficiency. So what are their options and variations?

SMD 3528 strips LED versatile are a medium output, low warmth LED die. In five meter reels with three hundred chips they in most cases generate among one hundred twenty to 220lm/m (in Natural White) which is sufficient to undertaking a good gentle degree roughly 300mm (1′) from the place it’s fixed. A few producers be offering Extremely White variations which will be offering as much as 360lm/m. The typical energy intake for this kind of LED SMD Strip is 5W/m. Then again, large producers be offering additionally upper density reels, with six hundred chips consistent with five meter reel, which ship as much as 440lm/m (in Natural White), which will move even upper to 720lm/m for producers with Extremely White variations. The facility intake on this case is round 10W/m. So much 3528 LED strips may also be minimize each and every three LED modules, or 50mm (2″) for three hundred chip reels and 25mm (1″) for six hundred chip reels. SMD3528 is a unmarried colour LED strip lighting fixtures answer. On the subject of worth, they’re the less expensive choice.

SMD 5050 versatile strip LED are a top energy, upper warmth SMD LED choice. They’re additionally often referred as triple center strips (while taking a look intently 3 other spaces may also be known at the chip). Strips the use of this kind of SMD LED versatile strip on a regular basis have a greater variety of choices, being the most typical the traditional density reels with 30 chips in line with meter (360lm/m in Natural White) and an influence intake of round 7,5W/m however a few producers be offering additionally upper densities, in most cases in shorter reels, corresponding to three meter, with 60 chips in line with meter, turning in an striking 720lm/m in Natural White with a Energy Intake of round 14,5W/m. As we will be able to see, SMD 5050 can be offering a mild output over three times that of the 3528 strip and subsequently the 5050 LED is easily fitted to lighting fixtures up spaces that can be topic to top ranges of ambient gentle. 5050 LED strip can be used in its place for fluorescent tube normally activity lighting fixtures and in gentle bins. In consequence, logically, they’re costlier, however for installations with top luminosity necessities they’re most well-liked because their value according to lumen is typically decrease.

Additionally, the 5050 strip is to be had in each unmarried colour and RGB colour amendment fashions. The colour amendment model calls for further regulate however can produce hundreds of thousands of various colours, so discovering the correct colour or aggregate is a straightforward topic of programming.

What form of SMD is best? The solution is understated, it is dependent. For fundamental lighting fixtures tasks with low luminosity necessities, monocolor and while value is the important thing issue, then SMD3528 prevails. For extra challenging tasks or RGB installations, then SMD5050 is the most obvious selection.


Source by way of Bruce Leed